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KMX Karts Favorite Videos
Our riders LOVE their KMX Karts! View some of our videos of KMX recumbent trike riders enjoying their KMX karting experience. Watch some videos, view our testimonials, or check out some of our pictures!

KMX Karts Stunts, Tricks, and Fun

Kmx in the skate park
See what a kmx kart can do in a skate park!
Cross Country KMX KART
Fast fun taking your KMX across country
Airborne KMX Kart at Spezi
Kmx ST Kart jump from ramp to ramp at Spezi, Germany

KMX Karts Setup and Maintenance

KMX Tornado - How To - Wheel Alignment & Change Tires
If you are having excessive wear on your front tires and you find the steering a bit stiff and the trike hard to ride, you probably have a wheel alignment problem.
KMX Pannier Accessory - How To -Assemble & Fit
Fitting the Pannier accessory, designed for the KMX range of trikes on our 2 KMX Tornado's, purchased from Dave Faulkner of KMX America.

KMX Karts Rides and Touring

KMX karts downhill
three wheels, two rider, one mission: the incredible Mt. Mottarone downhill.
KMX KART on the road
People of all ages enjoying KMX recumbent karting on the road/track
KMX Kart 2
Kids enjoying Kmx Karting

KMX Karts Off-Road Videos

KMX Cobra
just a little view By Eon Matthews on his trike going through the forest at friston

this just proves that you don't need just to go on footpaths on trikes

KMX Karts Informative Videos

Interbike 2007 - KMX Karts
Interview with Alan Smith of KMX Karts at Interbike 2007

Electric KMX Karts

Mega KMX
Ever thought about mounting a motor to your KMX? Take a quick tour of what it's like with this great video uploaded by Tony Castles and see how much fun he's having with his KMX Trike
Peter Eland trying out a KMX Karts Cobra with a BionX kit
Peter Eland trying out a KMX Karts Cobra with a BionX kit
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