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KMX Launches New Webiste

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12/01/2012 - KMX USA has officially launched their new website!

Our new website is more streamlined to give you easier access to features you need, making it easier to connect with dealers near you, view tutorials on trike maintanance, and even register your KMX trike with us.

In addition to the new website, we have also rolled out our new social networking pages (you can see the links at the top right) to help you connect with us. Make sure you like our Facebook Page
and follow us on twitter at @KMXUSA.

Tweet or post your videos and thoughts to share them with us, you might even see them end up here on our website!

Alaska team proves skeptics wrong

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04/16/2011 - Shell Eco-marathon teams usually take the repair of their vehicles down to the wire, but what about building them?

Team Alaska's Entry

"This was an opportunity for us to get the Alaska name out there." Craig McKenzie, University of Alaska Fairbanks spokesperson

The University of Alaska Fairbanks team started constructing their vehicle two weeks ago, and is now at Shell Eco-marathon Americas event ready to hit the track.

Weve known about Shell Eco-marathon for several years. Weve seen it in Popular Science magazine and heard about it from friends, explains Craig. This was an opportunity for us to get the Alaska name out there.

This opportunity was one many did not believe would come to fruition. A lot of other people thought it couldnt be done, explains Craig McKenzie, University of Alaska Fairbanks spokesperson. All you need is dedication and surviving without sleep. If you can do that, then you can do anything.

Why did the team put themselves in such a time crunch to build the car? It all came down to funding. The team was not sure it could secure enough funds to build the vehicle and then travel all the way to Houston, Texas for the big event. With money in hand, they went to work.

After two weeks of little sleep, lots of focus and a tight deadline, they put the finishing touches on the vehicle the same day they were headed to the airport for their big trip. We got on the plane on Wednesday and arrived here in Houston on Thursday and put it together, says Craig.

Most teams ship their vehicles to Shell Eco-marathon events in large crates, but not Alaska. They shipped it to Houston as checked baggage! This meant the car had to be completely disassembled in order to transport it, and then reassembled on site.

Although the team is new to Shell Eco-marathon Americas, they are not new to eco-friendly competitions like this one. In fact, they competed in a number of snow machine challenges. Weve done a lot of bike conversions. Weve also done about 20-25 electric vehicle conversions, says Craig. That is why the team opted to participate in the new Plug-in class of the competition. Craig simply states, Electric is what we have the most experience with.

You can contact the Shell team for questions you might have at:

2011 Models are here!

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03/25/2011 - We are proud to announce that the 2011 KMX models are now in stock.

We have made many changes to our lineup.

The Typhoon, Cobra, Viper, and Venom models have all received a redesigned seat that is wider, lighter, and more comfortable than ever. The seat also now features a clamping slide adjustment for infinite seat positioning. These models also get a new high-efficiency chain line with a high-quality sprocketed pulley. Brakes have been upgraded from the Tektro to the Bangle disc brakes.

We made some changes on the Viper and brought its price down to match the Cobra. At $1549, we don't think you'll find a better road trike. The Viper now comes with higher-pressure Kenda road tires and a larger crankset.

The biggest changes have happened to our new 2011 Venom. The Venom has been completely reformulated as a high-end racing trike designed to compete against the big boys. Its new frame is constructed from extruded aluminum with a patented cross section designed for strength. Combined with a lighter aluminum frame seat, the Venom comes in at 38lbs now. The Venom also sports a 26in rear whel and 27sp bar end gear system.

KMX Karts Fully Assembled Option

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02/01/2010 - Now you can choose to have your KMX Venom, Viper, Cobra, Typhoon or Tornado fully assembled and shipped to you via ground carrier!

Choose this option when you check out and you are one giant step closer to KMX fun when your kart arrives just take it out of the box, adjust to fit, and enjoy the ride!

The shipping rate for a fully assembled kart is currently $149 to anywhere in the continental USA. For HI, AK, Canada, or other locations please contact us to calculate shipping.

Sorry, the fully assembled option is not available for the Cyclone or Storm.

Our experienced KMX technicians will fully assemble your kart according to factory specifications. We will also install at no extra charge any KMX accessories you buy.

We go to great lengths to make sure your KMX will arrive safely. We have custom boxes made for your kart with custom inserts designed to keep things from moving while in transit.

If you choose the fully assembled option we do as much as we can to make your KMX ride-ready prior to shipping. However, there are a few things youll need to do when it arrives:

Read your Owners Manual There is a lot of important component and safety information in your manual. Please take time to read it and familiarize yourself with your KMX Kart.

Inflate your tires - Because of the various elevations your kart may encounter during delivery, we deflate the tires prior to packaging.

Adjust your seat, boom and handlebars - We lean the seat back and retract the boom to fit your kart in the box. Your handlebars may also need adjustment after shipping. Please take some time to make proper adjustments to ensure your kart fits you well before riding.

Welcome to KMX!

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12/01/2009 - Welcome to KMX - a cool fusion of go-kart, BMX and mountain bike which puts more fun into cycling.

A KMX is a pedal powered trike - comfortable to ride, safe on or off road and easy to handle. Its natural stability makes it cruise with ease.

Whether youre a serious cyclist, a kid or a parent, weve got a KMX for you. Race down a track or up a steep hill, try a few stunts, pedal through the countryside or commute to work.

Whatever you do, youll enjoy the ride with a KMX!

Bionx PL-350 20 Kit Available

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05/01/2009 - We have one (1) Bionx PL 350 20 Kit in stock, suitable for use with the KMX Sport (20) Series.

This kit includes:

1 - 20 motor (Silver wheel and spokes)
1 - Battery Li-Mn 36V
1 - Console/Throttle (Black)
1 - Charger Cable
1 - Battery Mount Assembly
1 - Wiring Harness Assembly
1 - User Manual
1 - Accessories Bag
1 - KMX mounting kit

This kit is owner installed.

Price for Bionx PL350 20 kit: US$1,890 + $35 S&H (continental US)

E-mail info@kmxus.com to purchase.

If you would like to order this Bionx system please e-mail us.

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KMX Karts Fully Assembled Option

Welcome to KMX!

Bionx PL-350 20 Kit Available

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