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How do I know which trike is right for me?
Buying your first trike can be confusing at first. To help you out we created the My Trikes page to help you find which trike is perfect for your lifestyle.

How did KMX start?
In 2000 English fire fighter Barry Smith, a former helicopter engineer, decided to build his son something “a bit different” from parts salvaged from a skip. Little did he dream it would blossom into a global business.
But it did – because those first efforts produced a three-wheeled vehicle resembling a cross between a BMX and go-kart, which created quite a stir when he and son Dean took it for a spin. It was fast, it was easy to ride, it was fun and Barry was “hooked.”
Thus was born the KMX brand which has since been described as “a cool fusion of go-kart, BMX and mountain bike” with a remarkable stability due to its low centre of gravity.
After two years of fine tuning, Barry and wife Yvonne launched KMX in 2002 with a trike for children, the “K Class.” Trikes for adults soon followed and today the company sells six different models — for kids, adults and more serious cyclists. Whether someone wants to race on the flat, cycle up and down mountains, do stunts, ride to work in the open air or leisurely tour the countryside, there’s now a KMX designed to do it.
Today, KMXs are being sold in the UK, Ireland, on the European continent and in America, Australia, Japan and other parts of Asia.
More importantly, from Barry and Yvonne’s perspective, KMX are building an enviable reputation for outstanding performance and customer care. In 2003 they won an award for Best New Product at the International Cycle Show in London and more recently, an accolade for being an up-and-coming UK exporter.
All KMX trikes are manufactured with 3 basic qualities in mind: Value for Money, Quality and most of all — FUN!

How easy is assembly?
KMX trike assembly is very easy. Trike assembly usually takes about a half hour. We offer online help with video tutorials to help guide you through the assembly proccess and assembly manuals are available here on our website.

How durable are KMX Trikes?
Our trikes are incredibly durable. Our square tubing design reinforces the frame and makes sure that your bike will last a lifetime. KMX Trikes will hold up at the skate park, the mountains, really any terrain that you take your trike.

Will people be able to see me on trails or on the road?
Each KMX Trike comes with one of our trike flags to increase visibility on the road. Our bikes are also designed to be able to add additional accessories such as lights and reflectors to increase your visibility at night and around cars.

What type of riding can I do on a KMX?
Each KMX trike is designed with a different purpose; but no matter where you want to take your trike we have a trike to get you there.

The Viper, Venom, and Cobra trike are part of our performance series and are best equiped for speed and agaility. These trikes are great for going around town, to work, and down roads and trails.

The Tornado and Tyhpoon are part of our sports series and are great for offroading. These trikes handle better in the mountains, off the beaten path, and for doing tricks at the skate park.

You can learn more on the My Trikes page about what each trike is best designed for.


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