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Sport Mudguard Set


With mud guards added to all three wheels, youíll never have to worry about water or mud being thrown up at you while riding.


Its fun to ride on bike trails and I can go for long rides with my mom and dad.

ó Kaelin B, Florida

I have been watching the videos as you suggested on YouTube and it really demonstrates your customersí overwhelming enjoyment of your incredible product.

ó JN

Thank you for your prompt service! I am now, more than ever, delighted that I bought your product instead of somebody elseís.

ó Peter H, New Mexico

Öitís exhilerating! I havenít had this much fun on wheels in a long time!


Commute to work 2-3 times a week. 32 mile round trip. Don't have to worry about weather affecting my ride anymore in Utah. Works great in the rain, sun or snow. Nice not every being saddle sore.

ó Shane

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Storm & Cyclone Assembly Instructions

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Performance Mudguard Set
Sport Mudguard Set
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KMX Karts are recumbent trikes using the tadpole trike design. They are precision engineered performance tadpole trikes & sports recumbent trikes for all ages. They were developed by aerospace enginnered and have one of the toughest recumbent trike frames in the market. These tadpole trikes are meant for commuting on the road and going off-road. There are not many recumbent trike makers that can do what a KMX kart can do!